Saturday, March 16, 2019

Comparing poems from different cultures. Essay -- English Literature

Comparing poems from different cultures.Many poems deal with the theme of hea and then identity. I have chosen iii to compare, they are essay For My Tongue, by Sujata Bhatt half(a)-Caste, by John Agard andPresents from my Aunts in Pakistan, by Moniza Alvi.I chose these three poems because I feel that they all deal withdifferent aspects of cultural identity. For example Search for my patois covers the aspect of losing your native tongue and using a contradictory language, Half-Caste addresses the point of racism andstereotyping, whilst Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan highlights theissues of alienation and not being qualified to fit in with either place ofyour family.Search For My Tongue is sort of unusual as quite of the text being in genius language all the way through it starts in English and then changesinto Arabic part of the way through. This leaves the reader with afeeling of freak out and that the reader, unless bilingual inthose two languages, can not read or afford s ense of the foreignlanguage.This poem also relays to you the fact that hitherto if youve forgottenyour mother tongue and dont speak it for several(prenominal) time it will alwayscome back and blossom if it is utilise enough. The poet also puts thepoint across by repeating the word tongue over and over again. Theforeign tongue can never construct the place of the mother tongue, becauseit is part of your own identity. The passage .but over darkness while I dream it grows the impression that although you may speak in the foreignlanguage most of the time you still dream in your native tongue and itwill never go away.The poem Half Cast also deals with the aspects of a differentlanguage but instead of writing in a ... ...e to fit in with either side of their family. For example when herAunts bring the Candy-striped glass bangles they snapped and made herwrists bleed, this is because people from Asia are very small boned,so because of her being mixed melt down she was n ot capable to put then. Alsoit says that her school friends where not impressed by her salwarkameez, they wanted to see weekend clothes and where not interested inthe mirror work or the story how three of them sailed toto England.I let all of these poems very interesting and thought provoking. Myfavourite out of these three is half-caste because it give such astrong point and all the examples make sense. Where we live therearent many people from different cultures, so we dont face racismand people from mixed race that often. These poems make you see thepoints of view and traditions of other cultures.

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